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It’s Care Package Time Again!

To celebrate the completion of the first month of school, the first round of care packages have been sent. Most items were bought at the grocery store and World Market. The strawberry bento box I got on NOTE: In … Read More

Vegan Raw Juice & Smoothie

When I’ve been particularly naughty in the diet department, I like to balance things out with a few days of clean eating. I’ve been a part-time vegan for a while now but started getting into the raw thing recently.  Looking … Read More

Vintage Cooking – Fresh Strawberry Pie

I probably don’t have to tell you this but vintage cooking can be hit or miss.  I was looking in the seasonal section of my dear Betty Crocker for something “spring” and the best thing that stood out was Creamed … Read More

Shortcake Lab With Cheater Chef

I’m a pretty advanced home cook. I often make things that require straining through cheesecloth on a regular weekday so you would think that I would know everything there is to know about making shortcakes.  Oh, no I don’t!  Mindy … Read More

Clean Baked French Toast

When I get together with friends for brunch I always go into it thinking I’ll just have the yogurt and granola or an egg white omelette and end up sucking down bone marrow and biscuits and gravy. In an attempt … Read More

vegan truffles ©

Vegan Tuffles for Galentine’s Day

I’m very anti-Valentine’s Day.  I hardly ever had a boyfriend in school and it really didn’t matter to me until Valentine’s Day.  There would always be a flower sale and all my friends would walk around with their flowers all … Read More

Cauliflower Popcorn ©

Super Bowl Snack – No Carb “Popcorn”

I’m knee-deep in New Year’s Resolution territory.  Since I have to be in a bathing suit in a few weeks, I’m not about to let a little thing like the Super Bowl get me off track.  I went searching for … Read More

Care Package for the Kid

The college kids have just gotten back in the grind after the holidays. Mine is where it’s cold and dreary so I thought I would brighten her week by sending her a sun-shiny care package. I started sending packages to … Read More