Prima, The Gulch

I’m continuing to find my way out of my dining rut. I’ve been uninspired and now spoiled for choice. It’s finally getting walking weather, and Mr. Ville and I had a stroll over to The Gulch for dinner. We got … Read More

What I’m Loving – Little Octopus, East Nashville

I’ve recently gotten bored with dining out.  Hard to believe, I know! It’s like I’m stuck in “Groundhog Day” ; bacon on everything, biscuits, bad service, bland food. I’ve been pretty disappointed lately with some establishments that used to be … Read More

The Stone Fox Brunch

A dear friend of mine just moved to The Nations neighborhood in Nashville.  It’s a new area for both of us so we wanted to do some exploring. We started with brunch at The Stone Fox. The space is rustic … Read More

Rolling on the Little Red River, Arkansas

When you have family spread all over the place with kids of all ages, it’s hard to get together during a packed summer.  We took the map and dropped a pin at the halfway point and, low and behold, there … Read More

Amalfi Mermaids

Saying goodbye to Sorrento, we took the winding road to Amalfi. Our hotel was an old convent and was full of character. Amalfi is much smaller and quieter than Sorrento except on the days when the cruise ships are in … Read More

Capri Castaways

One of the popular day trips when on the coast of Italy is a visit to the island of Capri. We met our guide, Frabrizio, who took us over on the ferry from Sorrento to Capri. Once on Capri, we … Read More

Eating Though Italy – Sorrento

If there is one thing I know about Italy is that the food is where it’s at. On the way from the airport, we quizzed our driver on all the places we should go. We ended up going to all … Read More

Bonnaroo Blast-Furnace 2015

Another Bonnaroo is in the books and it was as fun as ever! The incredible heat made a few people make daring wardrobe choices. I saw more bare boobs and buttocks than Burning Man! There was shelter in the tents. … Read More

Cuba- Los Profesionales

My trip to Cuba focused a lot on dancers; students and professionals.  We were able to work and interact with members of the most distinguished dance companies in Cuba. National Ballet of Cuba Compañía Folclórica Raíces Profundas Compañía Flamenca Ecos I … Read More

Cuba, Ballet Lizt Alfonso

Ballet Lizt Alfonso is a school for flamenco in Havana. We were lucky enough to get inside. Outside is where it all starts. The moms and dads are busy getting the young ones ready.  The uniform for class is very … Read More