Cuba- Los Profesionales

My trip to Cuba focused a lot on dancers; students and professionals.  We were able to work and interact with members of the most distinguished dance companies in Cuba. National Ballet of Cuba Compañía Folclórica Raíces Profundas Compañía Flamenca Ecos I … Read More

Cuba, Ballet Lizt Alfonso

Ballet Lizt Alfonso is a school for flamenco in Havana. We were lucky enough to get inside. Outside is where it all starts. The moms and dads are busy getting the young ones ready.  The uniform for class is very … Read More

On the Street in Cuba

I’ve been wanting to go to Cuba for years. When President Obama announced the US will be repairing relations I, along with many others (Havana was packed!), thought the time was now.  Before long Starbucks and Walmart will move in … Read More

Travel Face

I’m quite the princess when it comes to skincare and makeup. Like, going full drag to walk to the mailbox kind of princess.  When traveling, especially to more remote areas, taking enough for a full face of slap is impractical. … Read More

The Sutler Saloon

When the snow finally thawed, I was ready to get out and see people! I wanted “lively” so we booked a table at The Sutler Saloon. We got a great table by the stage but soon found out that we … Read More

Sky Blue Cafe

If you are making your weekend brunch plans and you have the patience of Job, then I have the place for you! Sky Blue Cafe has been on my list of places to try for a few years.  The picture … Read More

Day Trip Memphis

Birthday week celebrations continue! This time guided by my former Memphisonian friends, Jan and Virginia. They whisked me off for a day of fun, flowers, and food. We started with lunch at Hog & Hominy. This is the Italian sister/cousin … Read More

Grand Birthday in Grand Cayman

To celebrate reaching a “certain age”, I was able to get out of the country for a few short days in the sun.  This was my first trip to Grand Cayman. What they are known for is water related. Unfortunately, … Read More

Artifact Uprising – Your Year on Instagram

I’m a firm believer in printing images.  Images have become so disposable and fleeting on a screen that I worry we will loose our history of the snapshot. A lot of us live our lives on Instagram.  It’s become my … Read More