Vegan Raw Juice & Smoothie

When I’ve been particularly naughty in the diet department, I like to balance things out with a few days of clean eating. I’ve been a part-time vegan for a while now but started getting into the raw thing recently.  Looking … Read More

Kickin’ Back in Kentucky

I’ve always said, you don’t need to own a house at the lake; you just need friends that do.  I was able to snag an invite to Ray and Jennifer’s Lake Barkley hideaway last weekend. It has no internet, but … Read More

Tuesday Tunes – Summer Funk

Summer brings out the funk! I’ve been in the mood to move and groove and have a few tunes to add to your summer playlist. Number one is Vintage Trouble.  Twice I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys perform … Read More

Bonnaroo Wrap-up 2014

This year’s Roo was soooo fun! We glamped it up and went VIP.  Of all the advantages and disadvantages, the biggest advantage is comfort. You have VIP access to showers and bathrooms and the lines aren’t too terribly long. You … Read More

Whiskey Kitchen and Watercolors of War

It’s been outdoor-dining weather so before a trip to the Frist, we decided to grab lunch on the patio at Whiskey Kitchen in the Gulch. I would describe the menu here as elevated bar food. The ahi tuna is particularly … Read More

Vintage Cooking – Fresh Strawberry Pie

I probably don’t have to tell you this but vintage cooking can be hit or miss.  I was looking in the seasonal section of my dear Betty Crocker for something “spring” and the best thing that stood out was Creamed … Read More

Koto and a Crazy Walk

Tucked away on Union north of the hopping Broadway is Koto a (fairly) quiet sushi bar. It’s unassuming but has great, fresh sushi. The saki selection isn’t bad, either. Baby octopus. After a couple of bottles of saki we felt … Read More

Shortcake Lab With Cheater Chef

I’m a pretty advanced home cook. I often make things that require straining through cheesecloth on a regular weekday so you would think that I would know everything there is to know about making shortcakes.  Oh, no I don’t!  Mindy … Read More

Rumours East & Marathon Music Works

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for music in Music City and the weather has been stellar! We decided it was time to head to one of our favorite places to have dinner al fresco, Rumours East.  We’ve only … Read More