The Jazz Fest lineup was so great this year, we decided to extend our stay to include both weekends.  That gave us time to explore other parts of New Orleans besides the French Quarter.

First was Toups South for brunch.

The menu was comfort food but elevated (but not TOO elevated).  I especially loved the cocktails. 

The Fruity Pebbles infused one was fun and not as sweet as I expected.

We started with Sourdough Biscuits and Crab Fat Butter. It was a good as it sounds!

Fish and Chips as big as my lap.

A brunch classic: burger with a runny egg.

After a few days of typical NOLA gluttony. We sat down at Trinity and ordered every vegetable they had.

This is octopus...purple octopus.

We even ordered a healthy dessert that had an apple and oatmeal.

Trinity was definitely as standout discovery and we will be returning.

Not too far from Trinity was Saint Cecilia. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and we loved it so much we went three times during our stay!

Just to prove my point, all the pictures I have are from breakfast. We were too busy eating to get the camera out!

The best version of chicken and waffles I've tasted!

Not far from Trinity and Saint Cecilia was a great happy hour at Cane & Table.

It's a fusion of New Orleans and tiki bar. Get there early because this place gets packed!

Notable eats were the fried avocados and pimento cheese.

The most adventure we had was discovering Red's Chinese. We went on the recommendation of my hair colorist (they know everything about everything) and luckily she gave us the down low.  It appeared so sketchy our Lyft driver didn't want to drop us off.

There is no sign, just a red square outside the building.

Inside was great Chinese food and wonderful cocktails.

Final on our list of new restaurant discoveries was a house in the Garden District, Cavan.

I have no photographic proof that the food was good because it was so dark, we could barely see it. Trust me, it was.

Not only did we get further afield with restaurants, we got out in the swamp! We went on our first swamp tour with Cajun Pride.   We were on a boat with about 50 people and most of those were from a big tour bus. They got first dibs on the best seats and we were stuck in the middle. The best part of the tour was holding baby Bruce.

I would still recommend this tour. Just make sure you adjust you expectations. What you see will all depend on the weather (if it has rained a lot you will see less) and don't count on getting great pictures because some old guy with a flip phone will get the prime spot. It's still an experience whether or not you get pictures to prove it.

Reservation links to the restaurants mentioned: