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Welcome to ginkaville!

Hi, I'm Ginka! I'm a photographer, traveler, food enthusiast and music lover lucky enough to call Nashville home. Most days, you'll find me out and about with camera in hand or home in my kitchen preparing something for two. I started this blog as a way to share my travels, love of food and my insider's scoop on Nashville while encouraging others to finally do what they've always wanted to do. As a gal in my early 50s, I am still absolutely energetic, young at heart and adventurous – I know that there is still so much in this world I want to experience and now I have the freedom to do so!  


For the past three decades of my life, I have devoted my time to my marriage, my beautiful children and a successful career surrounding photography. I have traveled to some places many would deem 'strange', tasted food all over the world and seen some incredible things. It wasn't until after my kids left the house that I realized I missed being creative on my own. I found myself looking inward and asking, "What art do I want to create? What story do I want to tell?"


I hope sharing my travel adventures + exploration of food on here inspires you to enjoy your empty nest, to travel to that place you've always wanted to go and see that concert live like you've always wanted to! 


Photo by Angela Spencer