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I have set a goal for myself to read a book a week. Here is my list starting January 1st. I’m including everything I’ve read, even if I didn’t care for it. What doesn’t appeal to me might be right up your street. To keep up with what I’m reading and where I’m eating, subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of the page. I’d love to know what you are reading!

Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret - Craig Brown

If you are a fan of The Crown, you will love this book! Princess Margaret is compelling, fun, and tragic. I really wish I could use some of her one-liners in real life but somehow I don’t think they would work as well coming from a commoner.

The Untethered Soul - Michael A. Singer

This book was a top suggestion when I searched for books on transcendental meditation. I learned a lot of things from this book about dealing with everyday life. Not really instruction on how to meditate but an understanding of the principles. I’m open to other books on the subject.

Catching The Big Fish - David Lynch

I wish the people in my life would read this book so that they could understand the process of creativity. That part of the book I totally get! This is a must read for all creatives. His practice of transcendental meditation was intriguing and took me down a rabbit hole. More on that to come….

Circe - Madeline Miller

I saw this book cover all over instagram this summer. I loved the story and think anyone with a basic understanding of Greek and Roman mythology will enjoy it.

A Dangerous Place, A Maisie Dobbs Novel - Jacqueline Winspear

This is book eleven in this female-driven detective series. The novels take place pre-post WWI. This book is pre-WWII. I love the character of Maisie. She smart and battle-worn. She has ups and downs but keeps pushing forward. This is one of my favorite book series.

Midnight’s Children - Salman Rushdie

IN PROGRESS I’m heading to India in a month and this was on a recommended reading list for India. What I will say so far is it is pretty long winded. I’ve never read anything by Salman Rushdie, so that may be his style.