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Top Dining Spots for 2018

Ginka Poole1 Comment
Top Dining Spots for 2018

Anyone who has worked with me knows I’m a brutal editor even of my own work. Someone once called my photography site “obnoxiously minimal”. In that spirit, out of all the places I dined last year there were six that were outstanding (and still open)! I’ll link the original blog posts if you need more info. Here they are in no particular order except the first one. The first one is the best!

Peninsula, East Nashville

Peninsula East Nashville via @ginka +
Peninsula, East Nashville via @ginka +

My love for Peninsula knows no bounds! This isn’t just a tapas place. It’s more Portuguese which makes it different than any other place in Nashville. I’ve put a dent in the Gin & Tonic menu but they keep changing it and I have to keep going back!

Moon & Turtle, Big Island, Hawaii

Moon & Turtle Big Island Hawaii via @ginka +

This Asian fusion restaurant in downtown Hilo is a charmer! What it lacks in size it makes up in flavor and plenty of aloha. Standout menu item: Wild Boar Fried Rice.

Pineapples, Big Island, Hawaii

Pineapples Big Island Hawaii via @ginka +

I still crave the Hurricane Furikake Shrimp!

Makeready, Hotel Noelle, Nashville

Makeready Hotel Noelle Nashville via @ginka +

This one comes with a warning. While technically it was one of the best of last year, I’ve eaten there recently and it’s not the same. Total menu change. I’m not writing it off just yet. Here’s the new menu and I’ll let you decide for yourself.

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Emmy Squared, The Gulch, Nashville

Emmy Squared, The Gulch, Nashville via @ginka +

Best. Burger. Ever! Enough said.

Pastaria, West End, Nashville

Pastaria, West End, Nashville via @ginka +

I’m including Pastaria for one thing only - the pizza crust. The best chewy crust of 2018!

Here’s to the New Year and new places! I’ve already dined at a couple that I want to share.