Bonnaroo Wrap-up 2014

This year's Roo was soooo fun!

We glamped it up and went VIP.  Of all the advantages and disadvantages, the biggest advantage is comfort.

VIP Courtyard

You have VIP access to showers and bathrooms and the lines aren't too terribly long. You also have access to the VIP tent which is nice when you want to cool off with a beer or ice cream midday.

VIP Tent

Or play some ping-pong or giant Jenga.

VIP Tent

It's also very close so if you have a RV like we did, you can go back for meals and a cat nap.

Our Bonnaroo breakfast of champions.

The food at Bonnaroo is actually pretty amazing.  These Amish Donuts will legitimately blow your mind!

And you will die for Spicy Pie.

Our lunch neighbors loved the cheese fries.

The camping aspects of VIP are great, but when it comes to shows, there is really no point.  There are only 2 stages with special areas for VIP and only one lets you down front.

Our view from the VIP section at the main stage. Brings your bino's!

Like I said, the VIP section is comfortable.

But may not be quite as fun as the GA crowd.

The only low point was Kanye West and the Roo crowd let their feelings be known.

But some still managed to keep the spirit.

What makes Bonnaroo special even more than the shows

Are your fellow Bonnoroovians.

Till next year!