Musango Safari Camp - An American in Paris

For the next six days in Zimbabwe, we stayed at Musango Safari Camp. It takes a bit of effort to get there. Who am I kidding, it takes a lot of effort but it's very well worth it.  We had been told how lovely and remote it was and it didn't disappoint. What we didn't know was that everyone else in our party was French.  USA 2, France 10. No amount of Rosetta Stone would have helped at that point. To their credit, they humored us with their English (which was better than some Americans) and all their strong coffee and cigarettes added chic sophistication to the proceedings. And folks I can confirm, they really don't get fat. Our cute thatched roof that housed our tent.



We went to sleep to the grunting hippos and woke before the birds.

Steve, the proprietor of the camp and our guide.

Steve Edwards Musango Safari Camp

Steve is charismatic and a walking encyclopedia but also a lot of fun. He and his wife, Wendy, make you feel like part of the family. Best part, he speaks English!

We spend most of our time on boats which we boarded in the wee hours of the morning.  I'm really no good before 9:00 AM so this was a stretch.


I should clarify that the picture above is NOT one of the boats we took.

For five of the six days, we saw lots of birds.


Lots and lots of birds.



Quite a number of very big, cheerful crocs.


It's very difficult to get an interesting shot of a buffalo. It's just a cow. You might as well try, though. They are everywhere!


The best time of the day for me was the sunset and not just because I'm not a morning person.






Bonne nuit!