Vintage Cooking - Fresh Strawberry Pie

I probably don't have to tell you this but vintage cooking can be hit or miss.  I was looking in the seasonal section of my dear Betty Crocker for something "spring" and the best thing that stood out was Creamed Asparagus on Toast.

First things first, we have to start with dessert.  Remember those strawberry pies at Shoney's?  Well, we're about to make one which will be the best part of this meal. I probably didn't have to tell you that either.

These weren't the greatest strawberries in the world.  TIP: strawberries should be red all the way to the green leaves.  If there is a significant portion of white, they won't have any flavor.  Essentially you just cook down the strawberries and add a thickening agent.

Betty wasn't very clear on blind baking a pie crust so beginners might get a little hung up at this stage.

Not as bright red as Shoney's but still pretty good.

The rest of the meal was a pain in the butt.  Nothing was all that difficult but too many things had to be ready at the same time.

You are boiling eggs, steaming asparagus, making toast, cutting up your radish garnish, and making a white sauce. As far as taste goes, it was all a little meh.  I used sprouted grain bread for the toast but this probably would do better with good old white. I don't really think that would save it, though.

I also used turkey bacon which isn't quite as sexy as streaky.

One thing I will make again is the pie! The layer of cream cheese at the bottom protected the crust and gave it a creamy element the original Shoney's lacked. With some peak-season strawberries, this thing will be killer!