Copland's Billy the Kid with The Kid

You can't be Music City without all the music. Nashville is pretty proud of their Grammy Award winning symphony orchestra that makes it's home in the Schermerhorn. The symphony has had it's share of problems. They barely avoided foreclosure and negotiations with the musicians' union were fraught.  The season opening gala with Renee Fleming was an emotional one. I'm loving this season's schedule and nothing makes you feel more American than the music of Aaron Copland. It's big and expansive and has a lot of air just like the wild west.  It's also accessible and a great symphony to take younger or first time symphony goers.


schermerhorn nashville


Getting ready for our intermission photo shoot.



Get us in front of a camera....



We were all dressed up and starving so after the music, we headed over to The Palm to grab a bite.  I know, I know, The Palm is a chain! It's a really good chain, though.  When you have a group that can't decide what they want and one of the party is a bottomless pit of a teenager, or a teenager you want to spoil because in no time he'll be heading off to college, it's a great choice.  We even have a vegetarian in the family and they love it!




Take them to a nice place for a lovely dinner and conversation and what do they do?



We started with a steak-house special, the Iceberg Wedge with tons of bleu cheese and a pile of fried onions. I had their Lobster Bisque which was not so photogenic.



Our sampling of steaks included the Filet Mignon with the classic Oscar sauce.



The special of the evening, a Rib-Eye with Cajun Scallops.



And probably the best of the night, the New York strip.



We kept it old-school with frites and a peppery Pinot Noir.




Nothing like a great meal to put a smile on your face.


The Palm is pricy but I've never been disappointed.

Bellies full, we decided to skip dessert and take a walk down Broadway to listen to our favorite buskers and passed the Schermerhorn as we headed home.


Check out this season's Nashville Symphony schedule.