Top 5 Nashville Restaurants on Repeat

There are so many great restaurants popping up all over Nashville that it's hard to keep up.  Even with my dance card full of new places, it's good to get back to the tried and true. These  5 Nashville restaurants consistently deliver great service and food. They are a respite when the new guys can't seem to get their act together and you just want to relax and know you are getting the best.

City House

I remember going to City House right after it opened many moons ago. I can't even count the number of times I've been here since. The menu of Italian/Southern dishes is always changing but you can always count on great food coming out of that kitchen. When visitors come into town, this is where I take them.

M is locating in Cummins Station across from the Frist. It's a bit out of the way from downtown and not quite in the Gulch, so it can be overlooked.  We like it that way! When everything if full to the gills, M always has at least a spot at the bar. It's only overlooked because of location and certainly not food.

My husband always orders the scallops and says they are the best in Nashville. Every.Single.Time.

Silo (along with City House) is in one of our favorite Nashville neighborhoods, Germantown.  They serve up what they call "elevated Southern" but don't get gimmicky about it. Brunch is one of our favorite meals there. We also hit them up for Happy Hour.

When I've had one of those days, there's nothing like a martini and a steak to set me right.  The Palm may be a chain, but it's in the hood and they are never short of friendly faces. I walk in the door, all my problems are gone, and someone (usually the same one) brings me a perfectly cooked steak and a martini just like a like it.

My Instagram account tells the tale, I'm there quite a bit.

Butcher & Bee is the newest addition to my top 5 list of staple Nashville restaurants.  They are another example of not having a breaking-in period, they were good from the first night onward. The menu is based around small plates so you can get a variety of flavors. The cocktails are some of the most carefully crafted in town.  It's a great place to eat a full meal or just a snack and drink at the bar. Don't miss the whipped feta!!

Links to reservations:

City House

M Restaurant and Bar

The Palm

Butcher & Bee