Henrietta Red - Germantown, Nashville

Henrietta Red is Germantown's newest dining spot.  We visited soon after they opened and they were great from the get-go! Most new restaurants have a breaking-in period but not Henrietta Red.  From the moment we were greeted at the door to the handing over of the check, I felt like they have been in business for years.

The biggest buzz about this place was the interior.  I wasn't that impressed from the pictures I saw online but after being there, I get it.  It feels open, new, and fresh but still comfortable.

The focus is the raw bar. The menu is arranged like some others like Butcher & Bee, small plates to bigger plates.  All the plates are still small and shareable.

We both got the same cocktail, their version of a Manhatten.

Our server was a dream! He talked us through the menu and made suggestions. We started with the mussels. I could have eaten three plates of these they were so good. We also got a salad from the raw menu.

The chicken liver didn't photograph very well (does it ever?) but it was the best chicken liver mouse I've ever tasted. Not kidding!

I almost licked the bowl!

Our server picked wine selection was spot on and didn't cost a fortune.

To balance things out, we got roasted carrots.

The braised lamb was a rib-sticker, tender and delicious.

How we had room for dessert, I'll never know, but the olive oil cake it the spot.

The staff is amazing at Henrietta Red. They know their stuff but aren't stuffy.

This is a place to go to over and over and never get bored. It will soon make it to my Top 5 Most Visited.

Reservations for Henrietta Red. The bar area is open for walk-ins.