Winding Through Wine Country with Cane & Spur

Our first trip to Monterey, we wanted to take advantage of our proximity to wine country but had no idea where to start. We're not big on touring with big groups on big buses to big wineries that pay the big buses to come to them. In our search, we found a new tour company, Cane & Spur. We booked online. Matthew called and got our preferences for wines (not a fan of heavy Cabs or over oaky Chardonnays) and planned an itinerary based on what we preferred.

The first stop was a vineyard where we met the owner and got to play with the pooch. He liked me!

It was so interesting to talk to the owner (Boëté Winery) and see what he gets to look at every day. We got to put a face and a family behind the brand.  We were so glad to get this experience because unlike the Bourbon Trail, you don't get to see how the sausage is made.  You travel from tasting room to tasting room. They have pictures and stories but we didn't actually see bottles and barrels.

But we got to play with the dog which is better!

The tastings started with Parsonage.

Boëté was fun because we got to meet the son and talk about wine and growing up in the area. It was a very laid back hang out with friends.

This is the only wine we bought on the spot.

Next Boekennoogen. This winery had the best variety as far as whites and reds. They had the best summer-time drinking white.

With all this wine drinking we were glad Matthew brought a snack.

I'll say that having someone else drive was a must. Even though you can pour out what you don't taste, I hate to waste.

Folktale was beautiful even if the wines weren't the best. This tour started making me very picky but not picky enough not to drink what was in front of me.

Matthew then took us on a tour of Carmel.

We stopped for a snack at Mission Ranch.

And finally got to see a sunset over the Pacific! Monterey faces north east so we only got to see sunrises over the Pacific which was kind of weird.

We loved our time so much, we ended the day by taking Matthew to dinner, his pick. Was truly the best meal we had on the whole trip. Great food and great company!

Our tour with Cane & Spur was like visiting a college friend who wants to show you his hometown and introduce you to his friends. Very laid back and personalized.  There is a downside, though. Our wine tastes have improved and therefore, our wine budget.  Thanks, Matthew!

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