How to Plan for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Whether you live close and are making it a road trip or flying in, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a fun, relaxing vacation.

Here are some FAQ's and my tips if you want just a weekend or want to tackle the entire trail.

How long does it take to complete the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

Self-guided, you can average 2-3 distilleries a day taking a leisurely pace.  Four to five days should do it. If booking with a tour company that drives you around, ask them what they average. We only did self-guided.

Do you get tipsy with the tastings? Do you need to have a designated driver?

Only you know your alcohol tolerance. As for the people in our party, the most we felt was "warm" and that was for a short time. Kentucky is very strict on the amount of alcohol that the distilleries can serve for a tasting so it's unlikely you will be overserved.  There are tour companies that will do the driving for you if you are concerned. You can find information on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Trip Planner.

Can you stay in one city or do you need to book accommodations in several cities?

It is totally possible to stay in Louisville and complete the entire Trail. If you would like a change of scenery, you can stay in some of the smaller towns but it's not necessary.

What are the distilleries not to miss if you only have a weekend?

Here are the top 4 distilleries that are on my "must" list:

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience (Tour here first! Here's why)

Makers Mark

Woodford Reserve

Buffalo Trace (not on the official Trail) Visit Wild Turkey instead if you are working on the passport.

What distilleries can we skip if we aren't interested in seeing all of them?

I'm basing this strictly on the experience and not if I liked the bourbon. 

Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse (the actual distillery may be better)

Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center

Is there anything else to do in Louisville?

Tons!! We like concerts and the restaurant scene and we are looking forward to going back and seeing some of the other sites. We are planning on attending part of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival.  Louisville is turning out to be one of our favorite cities!

Where are good places to eat and drink?

Stay tuned.............

Any other questions or suggestions from your trip put them in the comments. You can also ask me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Here's the first leg of our trip and the second.

Happy Trails!!!