Rolling on the Little Red River, Arkansas

When you have family spread all over the place with kids of all ages, it's hard to get together during a packed summer.  We took the map and dropped a pin at the halfway point and, low and behold, there was Pangburn, Arkansas and the Little Red River. A quick VRBO search, and a suitable cabin was found for the crew.

We had our own dock for relaxing and fishing.

The water was so cold it felt 10 degrees cooler on the dock.

All members of the family loved it.

Even though getting to the dock with his long dancers legs was a little nerve racking.

The kids even got to have an Animal Planet moment when, from our porch, we watched a snake consume an entire nest of baby birds.

I wasn't about to stop him! The rest of the time he stayed under the porch and didn't bother us.

The river was too swift for swimming so we took a day trip to Greers Ferry Lake for some cliff jumping.

It's all fun and games until you have to climb back up!

A weekend at the river is a great place to relax and slow down. There was little to no cell service and no television.

You can lounge around

or you can make like Louis and Clark.

Just make sure you include the family member that can cook up a mess of carnitas!

FYI: the county where we were is a dry county.  If you like to imbibe, you'll have to bring it with you.  The closest liquor store is 45 minutes away and, trust me, you do NOT want to go to a liquor store on the edge of the only wet county for miles especially on a Friday afternoon.

Just stay in the quiet peacefulness that is river life.



Day trips from Pangburn:

Greers Ferry Lake

Blanchard Springs Carverns

Sugarloaf Mountain