Cuba, Ballet Lizt Alfonso

Ballet Lizt Alfonso is a school for flamenco in Havana. We were lucky enough to get inside. Outside is where it all starts. The moms and dads are busy getting the young ones ready.  The uniform for class is very specific all the way down to matching earrings.

The dads were just as good at getting that slick, spiral bun as the moms.  This man's masculinity wasn't threatened by bobby pins and hair gel. American men need to take note.

Once their hair was done, they were busy practicing their routines.

This is serious business but there is still a little room for goofing off.

I was very surprised at the movements of these girls who were around 8-10 years old.  Flamenco is very sensual and strong. Once they started dancing, their movements were very confident and mature.

The music selections surprised me. They were all popular songs.  One was a Micheal Jackson instrumental which, when you think about it, is perfect for a flamenco interpretation.