Eating Though Italy - Sorrento

If there is one thing I know about Italy is that the food is where it's at. On the way from the airport, we quizzed our driver on all the places we should go. We ended up going to all she recommended but, like she said, you really aren't going to get a bad meal anywhere.

The view from our hotel room wasn't bad, either.

Mount Veuvious was just on the other side of the bay.

Mr. Ville and I arrived the day of our 30th anniversary so our first meal needed to be a good one.

After walking around getting acquainted with the city, we chose Inn Bufalito.

I love when octopus is a regular feature on the menu.

The first of many caprese salads.

The beet risotto was divine.

The pasta of the day: squid ink pasta and lobster, literally stopped traffic. People would walk by and stare at it and several asked for a table.

Like all meals in Sorrento, it ended with a limoncello.

Glasses drained, we strolled back to our hotel.

Our anniversary night ended with fireworks. Literally!

The days were blazing hot so they were spent lying under an umbrella on the pier or floating in the Mediterranean.

Dinners were eaten late after the heat had dissipated a little. Here are some of our favorite spots.

Ristorante La Basilica

The one and only place we found Burrata.

L'Abate Pizzeria

One of our favorite meals in Sorrento and the place that came highly recommended by our driver was at  L'Antica Trattoria.

We were able to get a table inside, in what felt like the attic, without a reservation. Book ahead if you want to sit outside.

We got one of the set chef's menu options.

Best. Calamari. Ever!

Another squid ink pasta.

This time we got dessert.

Sorrento is a great, walkable city.

It's touristy but that also makes for an easy holiday.  They are used to English speakers so they don't act put out when you have very limited Italian, like me!

Sorrento is a great trip if you've never been to Italy before and you love the water.  You'll spend a lot of time in/on the water.

This is a return trip kind of place!

Imperial Hotel Tramontano