Capri Castaways

One of the popular day trips when on the coast of Italy is a visit to the island of Capri. We met our guide, Frabrizio, who took us over on the ferry from Sorrento to Capri. Once on Capri, we were whisked away to the city center.

Capri is very busy and packed with tourists.

We didn't see anyone famous but apparently Orlando Bloom was there the week before and caused a stir.

We walked around town taking in all the sights and views.

The Blue Grotto was closed due to high wind so Frabrizio had something else exciting for us to do: a chair-lift to the top of Capri!

I am horrified of heights but I got over myself and was able to take a few snaps during the trip.

At the top, I could see why this was so popular.

My favorite part of the day, though, was getting in the tiniest cab, going along the tiniest roads to Anicapri.

There we had lunch in the coolest restaurant of our trip so far, da Gelsomina alla Migliara

Outside was a view of the ocean and the vineyard.

We had some of the restaurant's own wine which was very refreshing on a steamy day.

We had the typical Prosciutto and melon.

Fresh homemade pasta.

After all our walking, we indulged in a panacotta.

There is a path out the back of the restaurant that leads you to more views.

Walking around Anicapri was charming and far less crowded.

Next time I'm here, I want to see it from the water.