Grand Birthday in Grand Cayman

To celebrate reaching a "certain age", I was able to get out of the country for a few short days in the sun.  This was my first trip to Grand Cayman. What they are known for is water related. Unfortunately, the wind was so bad all activities involving a boat were cancelled.

Lucky the sun was still out so there was a lot of lounging and eating (and drinking).

The piña coladas at The Ritz Carlton were fabulous and I'm not big on piña coladas!

All the restaurants we were able to go to on the property were top notch.  Our favorite, however, was down the street.  It was so good we went there twice.

We heard about it from some beach chair neighbors who brought a bag of takeout from there rather than eat what the beach waiters were offering. We had to check it out!

Sunshine Grill is a funky, pool-side restaurant in the center of a resort.

Both times we went it was packed.

The menu is Cuban inspired and our first visit we went with the popular choices.

I started with a margarita.  It was good, but it was just a warm-up for better things to come.

Mr. Ville started with a Pain Killer.

While we waited for our food, we enjoyed a game of Trivial Pursuit.

It helps when you can see the answers (shhhhhh:)

One thing we were told not to miss was the Jerk Chicken Egg Rolls.

So good we had them on our second visit, as well.

Can't go wrong with Fish Tacos.

The Snapper Rueben was an extravaganza!

The local brew, Caybrew, was the perfect accompaniment.

I had to try my hand at a Pain Killer, too.

At the end of meal, they gave us a little taste of the day's ice cream which is about all we could handle after stuffing ourselves.

Our second visit was just as special.

The bartender suggested a Mango Massage which ended up being my favorite drink of the whole trip. It was like a blended Mojito.

It was a short trip but I enjoyed all the special birthday treats everywhere I went.

Maybe next time I'll be able to see the creatures that live under the water.


Birthday dinner #1: Taikun

Birthday dinner #2: Seven

THE birthday dinner #3: The Brasserie