Artifact Uprising - Your Year on Instagram

I'm a firm believer in printing images.  Images have become so disposable and fleeting on a screen that I worry we will loose our history of the snapshot. A lot of us live our lives on Instagram.  It's become my favorite social media platform and there are a lot of things I put on Instagram I would like to preserve. By the time I have grandchildren, Instagram will have been replaced by who knows what else so how will I be able to show them embarrassing pictures of their parents or of me when I was still hot?!  Who am I kidding, it's food, right? Artifact Uprising makes it very easy to put your entire year on Instagram in a handy album. If you are a particularly heavy user (or a bad editor), it may take you two books. I heard about Artifact Uprising from another photographer and made my first Instagram book last year. I have even used them to make prints for clients.

Last year I got the smallest version and I think it fits the square Instagram format well.

There is no place for those clever captions, but I'm okay with that. The paper will take ink easily, so you can hand-write captions and dates if you would like.

It's as easy as linking your Instagram account with their site and dragging and dropping the images in.  I did find it easier to have another window open with my Instagram account open on it so I could check dates of pictures. They also have an app so you can do it directly from your phone and skip the computer middleman. At my age, I like a bigger format, though. Being 30 is a bitch!

To make your own book, go to Artifact Uprising.

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