State of the Art - Crystal Bridges, Northwest Arkansas

When we think of visiting museums we often think of old works of art from the masters that are household names.  What about art now?  Who are the artists today that have something to say? The curatorial team of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art traveled the country for a year to find out the answers to those questions. Their findings are exhibited in "State of the Art".

I love Crystal Bridges and think it's one of the most important collections of American art in the country. I always visit when I'm in the area.  This time I wanted to skip the permanent collection and go straight to the cool stuff so past the Audubon exhibit,

Past the people at Drop in and Draw,

Down the staircase with the thread sculpture,

You will find out the State of the Art.

The biggest pinata I've ever seen!

Who knew clips of Sanford and Son would be art?

This bonnet was part of a set of bonnets made of pearl head straight pins.

I even got to sit inside a Jiffy Pop!

There was so much more and I was inspired not only by the work but by the fact that the majority of the artists were around my age. See, we still have something to say even though we don't get Snap Chat!

Sunday is brunch day whether or not I'm on the road.  They have changed up the cafe at Crystal Bridges and now you get waited on and don't have to stand in line. Woooo, fancy!

Still, the food is some of the best in the area. Chicken and waffles with jalapeño syrup and collard greens!

I think we're done here.

I thought this show was amazing and the curatorial team deserves a raise.  They did an astounding job! This is one of the most significant exhibits I've seen in a long time.

You have another month to get there so make your plans now! The show closes January 19th.

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