Brunch at Josephine on 12th

My favorite day of the week, Sunday Brunch-day! I recently read an article that said that brunch was the most overpriced meal that you can eat at a restaurant.  Seeing that I've spent up to $125 for brunch for two (that's you, Sticker Shock The Southern!), I see their point. It's still my favorite because it's relaxed and casual; all the food is typically comfort food; you get to drink in the middle of the day; and you have the rest of the day to burn it off. This Sunday it was Josephine on 12th South. The most challenging thing about patronizing anything on 12th South is parking. Josephine does offer valet, but going early in the morning you can find your own spot pretty easily.

You can't have brunch without a Bloody Mary.  It's a law or something. says it's "refined American farmhouse cuisine" but it looks and feels very French.  The lemon walnut bread on the cheese plate was divine and they need to sell whole loaves out the back door.

My omelette was very French and perfectly cooked.

The eggs benedict was less traditional and more deconstructed. The country ham was sliced like Prosciutto and served separately and the hollandaise was made with brown butter.

When I eat a big brunch, it's usually my only meal of the day so I feel justified in having dessert.  It was a tough choice, but I settled on the German Chocolate Cake donuts.

It was a good choice!

I was a bit dubious about the refined farmhouse food description. I have had too many overworked, "elevated", Southern meals lately. Josephine was simple but creative and a place I could return to again and again.  Now to try the dinner menu!

Reservations for Josephine.