Silo Sunday Bluegrass Brunch

There is nothing that you can't cure with a great Sunday brunch. You can help undo whatever you did from the night before and ease yourself into the week ahead. I haven't been to Silo for a good year. I'm not sure why, just hasn't been on my radar for some reason.  This past weekend we decided to pack up the offspring and show the Germantown neighborhood some love and guess what? They loved us right back!


Parking in Germantown can be a bitch. Luckily, Silo has a complimentary valet which we took advantage of on the 24 degree morning!

Inside is cozy and everyone is laid back and friendly


I warmed up with a Bloody Mary which had just enough spice.


Since we had the teen, enough food was ordered to feed at least one more person.



We started with the cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing.


We probably could have done with another one of those but we had some pretty hearty food on the way.

Chef's special omelet with beef short rib, caramelized onion, and arugula.


Hot chicken sliders, pickle on slaw and ranch biscuits.


Pulled pork benedict-poached eggs, English muffin, jalapeno hollandaise.


We had two sides: House-made Sunday sausage which had a great texture and little sweetness and buttermilk biscuits with country ham gravy. I judge any breakfast by the biscuits and gravy and these were stellar!


After a few minutes, the band cranked up and what goes better with brunch than bluegrass.


Everyone is a fan!


What I liked the most about the brunch menu was the combinations, while unexpected (pulled pork on the benedict and short rib in the omelet) didn't seemed forced or like they were just trying to be clever. It remained comforting without being overly complicated which is what you want from southern food.



Reservations at Silo can be made on Opentable.