Music City Brewer's Fest

A couple of days ago on the blog I was all vegan, raw and healthy.  Today I negate all that with copious amounts of beer and beef fat. It's all a balancing act, people.

Before getting to all the beer, one must gird the loins and we did that at one of our favorite downtown haunts, Merchants.

Gotta get protein in the belly first.

My favorite burger topping, pimento cheese.

It's hard to resist a cocktail here.

So we didn't. I guess you could say we were priming the pump.

The Music City Brewer's Fest is huge! It's one of the largest outdoor beer festivals in the country.

It feels bigger than Wine on the River.

There are two sessions.  The early one looked to have fewer people probably because it was in the heat of the day.  The evening session was packed by comparison but not so crowded as to be uncomfortable or make the lines too long.

Except for here:

The crowd was a good mix of ages and was casual and laid back.

While Wine on the River is slowly getting taken over by distilled spirits, this festival is all about the brew.

As the sun went down, the beach balls came out.

And the music cranked up.

Everyone was having a great time and were so well behaved the police on hand took to photography. I certainly wouldn't go up to this guy and say "Can you take our picture?" but inhibitions were lowered a bit, I suppose.

This is an event I'll add to my yearly festival rotation for sure.

Stay in the loop for the next Music City Brewer's Fest.