Vegan Raw Juice & Smoothie

When I've been particularly naughty in the diet department, I like to balance things out with a few days of clean eating. I've been a part-time vegan for a while now but started getting into the raw thing recently.  Looking for recipes, I stumbled across Fully Raw Kristina (which kind of sounds like a porn site, not gonna lie). Here are two recipes I've been loving lately.

I like to have a juice for breakfast but hate the thought of cleaning the juicer contraption first thing in the morning. This juice is easy and I make it the night before so I can catch a few more winks.

Cut up a seedless watermelon and blend up in a blender.

Strain the juice and put into a jar.

I infuse my juice with fresh basil and mint overnight.

Fully Raw Kristina says to drink 32 ounces of juice in the morning but I only manage 24.

The smoothie recipe is strange but, stay with me. It's really good.  I've adapted this recipe from the original.

In a blender place 3 large frozen bananas and 2 stalks of celery.

Add 1/2 cup of water to begin blending.  You may have to add up to a full cup until you get the desired consistency.

I really like this one for lunch. The celery cuts the sweetness of the banana and it's filling enough to keep me going until dinner.

For dinner I have a big salad with oil-free dressing. After 4 or 5 days of this I'm lighter and have a skip in my step.

If you want to try Kristina's 14 Day Bikini Body Challenge and get more recipes click here for her YouTube channel and here for her website.