Vegan Tuffles for Galentine's Day

I'm very anti-Valentine's Day.  I hardly ever had a boyfriend in school and it really didn't matter to me until Valentine's Day.  There would always be a flower sale and all my friends would walk around with their flowers all day and I with nothing but my books and an eyeliner.  If I had been smart like the girls are today, I would have banded together with my fellow single ladies and celebrated Galentine's Day.  Why sit at home and pine for some clueless teenage boy to do something nice for you? When V-Day comes and you have someone to celebrate with, you need chocolate. If you are celebrating NOT having someone, you need chocolate. If you are nursing the lose of that someone, you need chocolate.  If you are like me and have an old Valentine that could use less saturated fat, then you need this recipe for vegan chocolate truffles.

This comes from the vegan cookbook, Simple Pleasures by Cornelia Guest. These are quick to put together and seem special without being some over-the-top romantic gesture.  Who needs that?!

The base for these truffles is Medjool dates.  I tear them apart to help my geriatric food processor.

vegan truffles ©

Next add melted vegan chocolate and a couple of teaspoons of agave nectar.

vegan truffles ©

Process this all together, stopping to scrape down the sides, until these are no big pieces of date left. It will tend to ball up but just keep breaking it apart and pulsing until it looks like this:

vegan truffles ©

I use a sorbet scoop to keep all the truffles about the same size.

vegan truffles ©

Roll the mixture into balls and roll the balls in coconut or cocoa powder.

vegan truffles ©

vegan truffles ©

vegan truffles ©

Recipe Tester wasn't too pleased I was cooking with chocolate and he couldn't put in his two cents.

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Vegan Chocolate Truffles (serves 4 or one broken heart)

5 ounces vegan chocolate, melted

5 pitted medjool dates

1-2 teaspoons agave nectar (or maple syrup)

1/4 cup shredded coconut

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

  • Put chocolate, dates, and agave in a food processor and blend.
  • Use a small scoop to take out some of the mixture and shape into a ball.
  • Roll each ball into coconut or cocoa.
  • These are best served at room temperature.