Music City Tippler

I love crowds! Street parties, music festivals, I'm there! I even love all the tourists downtown in all their country gear asking directions to the Johnny Cash Museum. It's pretty confusing for some reason. This week, however, I needed a break.  The preparations for the CMA's (Country Music Association Awards) were in full swing and filming for the show "Nashville" was happening everywhere.  Every green space was fenced off, the list of road closers kept getting bigger, and our namesake show asked us to keep our lights on for filming until 3:00 AM for three nights in a row! I wanted comfort and a stiff drink so we headed towards midtown and Music City Tippler.


As soon as we walked in I saw familiar faces and wondered if we were all there for the same reason.

Nothing more comforting than a basket of house made potato chips!


The drink menu is pretty intriguing.  The drinks here don't come cheap but they are strong of flavor, therefore you don't feel cheated if you get just one (or two!).


I started with The Southern Star.


The sent of sage really made it and was just what I needed to drive out by badattude!

Mr. Ville ordered his usual Manhattan but this was way more flavorful and almost smoky.


We started with the Chicken Biscuits. After my run in with a not-so-great biscuit last week, these were like music to my mouth.  I literally exclaimed, "Now that's a biscuit!". Luckily it's pretty loud in there so no one paid any mind.  A good biscuit needs love and a tender touch. You can tell if they've been manhandled and slapped around too much. Whoever made these is a lover, not a fighter.


You need to run, not walk, and don't pass go or collect $200 (although that would come in handy for those $13 cocktails) and get these biscuits pronto! They are tender, flaky, and the pulled chicken is moist and full of flavor.


I really didn't need anything else after that except another plate of biscuits, but we had already ordered and pressed on.

Our other starter was the Heirloom Roasted Beets.  I'm the only one in the family that likes beets and when I order them I hear a collective groan from the table.  These beets, however, made a beet lover out of Mr. Ville and we had to fight over the last one.


I went with a healthy option for an entree and got the Salmon with Cauliflower Rice. No low-carb meal tasted this good.


Mr. Ville, in usual form, had the scallops which he declared the best he's had to date (and that is saying a lot).


They also have sides you can share and we stuck with the lighter, although not very seasonal, option and got asparagus.


I tried another drink, The Santa Clara, and I felt like I was like sipping on a leather saddle.  I'm certainly not saying that's a bad thing.


We were feeling pretty flush with our virtuous menu choices and ordered the fluffy Pumpkin Creme for dessert.


The check came cleverly tucked away in a book.


We left relaxed and sated and ready to face the crowds once again.  The view isn't looking so bad now.


You can book a table at Music City Tippler, 1922 Adelicia, on OpenTable.