I've been hearing people go on about the new kid in the Gulch, Adele's, for a while.  I didn't run right over and welcome her because, frankly, I've been to too many new "farm to table", "locally sourced", whatever establishments that have been way overrated, overpriced, and pretty much just suck. I'm over it! What changed my mind was my hairdresser.  The advise you get while sitting in a hairdresser's chair is advise you should always heed!


We popped in for brunch on a sunny Saturday. The outdoor area looks pretty comfy and seems like a perfect place to catch up with friends over drinks.


Speaking of drinks. The obligatory brunch beverage of choice, the Bloody Mary. This one was just okay but the local Jackalope beer was great.


I was feeling a bit under the weather so I wanted to start with something comforting. Peanut butter and banana toast.


Mr. Ville went with the kale salad. What you are seeing below is one of the best kale salads you will ever eat! The only other kale salad I think is a must get is the one at Kayne Prime. I don't recommend kale very often.


Moving on to the insanity that is Adele's burger.


There is no way a human could fit all this in their mouth. It is definitely a knife and forker. Mr. Ville loved it so much I almost didn't get a taste. He said it was the best burger he's had in a very long time.


The burger was so beautiful it made my plate look like a hospital tray.


You know I'm very picky about my biscuits and this biscuit was flaky and wonderful. Even though I was in the mood for something simple, I could have used a little jam or honey. Something!

Dessert made up for it, though.


One bite of this cake and the Mr. said, "This reminds me of your mother's."  Couldn't have been a better compliment.

Adele's makes everything in house right down to the bread for the toast and the mayo on the burger.

They even sourced the art locally. Jack Spencer's work is featured right when you walk in the door.


So Adele's you have now made me over being over it. Next time we'll have to do dinner.

We were able to walk right in for brunch but our server recommended reservations for dinner and we will take him at his word even though he's a Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

Reservations for Adele's.