Pinewood Social

Sunday we decided to skip the junior varsity game taking place at LP Field (love ya, Titans, mean it!) and cheer them on whilst consuming a great brunch. Pinewood_Social_Nashville-10

Pinewood Social is a good walk from any downtown hotel. I've only walked it during the day, though.  I've had lunch here several times but this was a first for brunch.

Pinewood Social is located in what looks to be a warehouse district.  It's signage isn't all that easy to find but just follow the sidewalk all the way to the end.  It's front door is not actually where the sign is. Go figure.


The place is very eclectic with a bar, coffee house, restaurant, bowling alley, and a swimming pool.  You can go there to work on your laptop, have a meeting, or just socialize. It's kind of hard to figure out and I think people get confused and put off by it.

The hostess said there was a wait for a booth but that they could seat us at the bar. I actually prefer the bar to tables but I'll get to that in a minute. By the way, here they seat you at the bar. You don't just walk in and pick an open seat.

We decided on Bloody Marias.


This may look a little watery but once stirred, it was the most interesting Bloody anything we've had in a while.

I always get the fried broccoli. Not sure it's all that healthy but it's green.  That's something, right?


The Mr. had the Reuben Benedict with corned beef tongue.


It was hearty and delish.


Much more substantial than my Egg in a Basket.


It was really yummy. The toast was crisp and the egg was perfectly cooked, but I was still hungry after eating everything and the garnish.

We skipped dessert in favor of another Bloody Maria.  When we asked the bartender about what they did to make it taste so unusual, he said it was the type of tequila they used.  He then gave us an impromptu tequila tasting which helped softened the blow of the football we were watching on the TV's even more.

In the back there's a retro bowling alley. There were some open lanes but I've heard you need to reserve a lane on the weekends.




The pool outside is a great idea but the view is pretty much power lines and a junk yard across the river.

The view walking home was much better.



A few people have told me that they have been treated rudely at Pinewood Social and I admit that the table service can be hit or miss. That's why I preferred the bar. However, I don't get the "snooty" vibe when I go there.  I also don't think it's overloaded with hipsters. That may change after dark, though.

Pinewood Social doesn't have online reservations but you can give them a call. Here's their site.