Travel Face

I'm quite the princess when it comes to skincare and makeup. Like, going full drag to walk to the mailbox kind of princess.  When traveling, especially to more remote areas, taking enough for a full face of slap is impractical. Even I have to admit that trekking in the bush sporting a smoky eye and false lashes is a bit ridiculous. I found some really cool products that have helped me edit my makeup bag down but still make me feel put together.

  1. Before I leave for any extended trip I pay a visit to my aesthetician, Rachel, who shapes and tints my eyebrows and tints my eyelashes so I don't have to take mascara. If I do take a mascara, I get the kind that is tubing so I don't have to take an eye makeup remover. I like this one. It comes off with warm water and doesn't leave me with racoon eyes.
  2. Sunscreen is essential. I like to use one on my face that has a little tint. This one from Cellceuticals has a little glow and protects my face all day. Unfortunately, I couldn't find this online anymore but I also use Clarins and La Roche-Posay.
  3. Concealer is something I cannot go without! This one from Dior is pigmented but it blends into my skin well even if I'm not wearing foundation.
  4. Adding color and definition to my face is a breeze with the BOOM! sticks by Cindy Joseph.  I discovered these while in South Africa and I was feeling a bit grubby. I watched the videos on her site and it was like a revelation!

The Glo stick is a moisturizer and is the only moisturizer I take.  I use this under my eyes, on my lips, and on my face. It's also good for cuticles.

The Color stick I use on my cheeks, eyes, and lips.  It's amazing how long it lasts.  I apply it exactly how she does in her demo video.

The Glimmer stick is a highlighter and adds a glow without adding glitter.  I use it on the tops of my cheeks and eyelids.

I love Cindy Joseph, her products, and her "Pro-aging" philosophy! They are exactly what I need when I travel. It's like she was reading my mind.

My only gripe is that the tubes are identical so when you are looking in your bag, it's hard to find the one you want without having to take them all out and read the labels on the bottom. Before my next trip I think I'll do a little DIY labeling on the caps to make it easier. When I figure that bit out, I'll let you know.