The Sutler Saloon

When the snow finally thawed, I was ready to get out and see people! I wanted "lively" so we booked a table at The Sutler Saloon.

We got a great table by the stage but soon found out that we booked at the wrong time to see any live music.

The cocktails were inventive but drinkable and the wine, beer, and bourbon list was extensive.

The food is very "southern" and on the heavy side, but we came hungry!

We started with one of the Jars, Potted Smoke, which was smoked brisket and pork butt confit.

It was like a more flavorful pate.

We both went a little crazy and got Horseshoes, house-smoked BBQ stacks (I got chicken, he got pork) with Texas Toast, house fries (which I believe our server said were fried in pork fat), and topped with cheddar ale gravy.  We went all in and got the optional fried egg.

We let the cabin fever get the best of us.

We made a valiant effort and true to form, Mr. Ville cleaned his plate.

We should have stopped there but I was trying to delay our exit because the band was setting up and I thought we might be able to catch a couple of songs.  They had one dessert on offer, a "cherry and white chocolate bread pudding".

It looked a bit sad when it got to us.  To be fair, the pudding was warm so there was probably no way the whipped cream would have stayed on top of it. BUT when you are offering only one sweet option, make it a pretty one! Desert is indulgent and last thing people remember if they bother ordering it.  It should make me want to eat it just by looking at it.

All esthetics aside, I tasted the cherry and dark chocolate but white chocolate was nowhere to be found. It was a serviceable bread pudding.  Since the rest of the menu is so heavy, it would have been nice to see something lighter like a coconut cake, banana pudding (in one of those hip mason jars), or even a plate of cookies.  It was a meh ending to an otherwise fun meal.

There is a cellar bar we got a peek at. It would be the place to be if you didn't want to listen to live music, but this is Nashville. Who doesn't want to listen to live music!?

Despite the ending, we will definitely be back.  The Sutler Saloon is a fun place and the service was attentive. The band starts at 9:00 so next time we will book a later table and keep the plates small and the cocktails coming!

To book at table at The Sutler Saloon