Sky Blue Cafe

If you are making your weekend brunch plans and you have the patience of Job, then I have the place for you! Sky Blue Cafe has been on my list of places to try for a few years.  The picture below can be either a good sign or a bad sign:

The hostess said the wait was 45 minutes and I almost didn't talk the boys into staying.  When you have two hungry men, one with a hangover, 45 minutes might as well be two days!

I just couldn't imagine that all these people would wait out in the cold for food that wasn't worth it and my curiosity got the best of me.  They do make the wait slightly more bearable by offering coffee.  The place is so tiny that there is no room to wait inside so I have no idea what they do when the weather is bad.

Finally, an hour later, our name was called.

We made it inside and started looking over the menu and at other people's plates to see what we might order.  The drinks came fairly quickly but we noticed that people that had been seated way before us didn't have food yet.

An orange juice and a Bloody Mary later, the people next to us got theirs.

We hadn't even ordered yet.  By the way, no picture of the Bloody Mary because it wasn't garnished and tasted like I was drinking a bottle of ketchup.  Not sure there was any alcohol in it.  Neighboring tables got Mimosas and, since my orange juice tasted like it was fresh squeezed, probably was the much better option.

We watched hungrily as our tablemates chowed down, poor things. I took a few snaps to pass the time.

A very generous 40 minutes later, our food arrived.  That's right, we were there nearly 2 hours before we ever got a bite to eat!

So, was the wait worth it?

Stuffed French Toast Pancakes - dramatic and indulgent but pretty bland. A more flavorful sausage would have helped.

Brie French Toast with a side of sausage - Better. Loved the salty cheese with the sweet but, again, the sausage wasn't as good as we get at our neighborhood greasy spoon for half the price.

The Southwest Omelet - Best and worth the wait! Chicken, peppers, colby jack, and chili make this a flavor extravaganza and brought the hangovered one back to life.

I know the waits couldn't possibly be that long every day. They couldn't stay in business. Our server was pleasant and attentive and we didn't bitch because, having waited tables before, I knew he was at the mercy of the kitchen.  I have had seven course meals that didn't take as long as this one of eggs and pancakes!

Bottom line, I probably will go back ONLY if I don't see a line outside. If I do, I'll keep on driving and head to Pinewood Social where I know they have a good Bloody Mary!

This weekend I'm going somewhere where I can book a table!

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