Dinner and a Great Beat You Can Dance To

Another dinner and concert night in Nashville starts at The Southern. The-Southern-Neon-Trees-ginkaville.com-1

The blog has been here before for brunch.  The Southern is an easy go-to because it's conveniently located and has a straight forward menu that has a broad appeal.

We started with a southern staple, Devil of an Egg.  The eggs are smoked which gives them great flavor but a weirdly firm texture. They are still on my frequently ordered list.


The Wind from the South (the daily catch) was salmon.


I'm on The Bonnaroo Diet so I had the vegetarian Farmer's Plate.


Then I quickly went off the Bonnaroo Diet and had the Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake and I'm so glad I did. It was the best part of the meal!


I did have to walk up a big hill to the Ryman for the show.  Cardio done!



There were two opening acts and I'm glad we got there for the first, Nightmare and the Cat.


They are one of the few bands I've heard recently that have made me want to immediately go home and download their music.

The next opening act didn't really do it for me.  Their stage banter was really awkward and off putting. One of those bands that you wish would just shut up and play. We won't talk about them.

The Neon Trees, however, had it going on! This was the first show on the tour and they had the right amount of banter and costume changes that didn't leave you wishing they would just get on with it.


Lots of stand up and dance moments.


Neon Tree tour info.

Nightmare and the Cat info.