Rumours East & Marathon Music Works

It's been a busy couple of weeks for music in Music City and the weather has been stellar! We decided it was time to head to one of our favorite places to have dinner al fresco, Rumours East.  We've only dined here when we can sit outside on the patio or in the back yard so we have no idea what it's like inside the little house. Rumours-East-The1975-MarathonMusicWorks-1

We started with a Pimm's Cup.


And their house made charcuterie.


We loved both the harissa rubbed lamb chops


And the halibut.


We couldn't say no to the chocolate torte.


Rumours East is a great little neighborhood gem. The service is always wonderful and sitting outside is like dining in your neighbor's back yard. You hear barking dogs and playing children and it makes the whole experience cozy and familiar.

Speaking of cozy....... The concert of the night, The 1975, was at a new venue for me, Marathon Music Works.


Marathon Music Works is a huge standing room only venue.  The crowd was primarily under 30 and pretty fashionable.

I call this "Vintage by the Trash Can"!


Even though it was general admission and the crowd was young, I didn't get that ill behaved frat house vibe I sometimes get at these places. But then The 1975 took the stage and this is all I saw.


I mean, thank goodness they put their cell phones up because I never would have known what the band looked like if I hadn't see their screens!

Finally I made my way to the wings so I could at least get a glimpse of something besides the back of a head or a cell phone.


And then the cell phones went up again.


I've talked about how I feel about cell phones at concerts before. These people weren't just taking a few snaps. They were videoing whole songs.  Videos that they were probably never going to look at again.

I think I'm going to have to come up with a different strategy for show-going at this venue.

For future shows at Marathon Music Works.

For reservations at Rumours East.