Cozy Miel

Tucked away off Charlotte Avenue in Sylvan Park is a little bistro, Miel.  If you blink you may miss it.

It's farm-to-table and the menu is French inspired but not too complicated.

We got there early so it wasn't very crowded but it filled up quickly with what seemed like regulars.

A drinks menu that has a Champagne cocktail gets marks from me!

The amuse-bouche was a mussel with a piece of pork fat on top.

We shared a salad and chicken liver paté.

The trout was beautiful and in spite of looking like it had too many elements, was still not too complicated.

The duck confit was stick-to-your-ribs in a good way.

We felt so at home at Miel that we stuck around for the buttermilk panna cotta and coffee.

We left full and happy and ready to face Nashville's first cold snap.

I can see why there were lots of regulars. The service is friendly without being smothering. Miel's menu is comforting but there are also many lighter choices so you could probably make it a weekly dining option without getting bored or overwhelmed.

Miel is cozy and by that I mean SMALL.  At the end of our meal they sat a big table of men right next to us. They were in town for a convention and were so loud our conversation stopped because he couldn't hear each other. Luckily we were on our way out.

Reservations for Miel.