Hockey Tonkin' - Fancy Version

It's hockey season in Smashville! At this writing our precious Predators are in trouble because goalie, Pekka Rinne, is out for a month.  Going to a hockey game is still a lot of fun whether or not we're playing well, but it sure helps. Another thing that helps is starting the night off with a spirit lifter, just in case. Etch is a newish restaurant in downtown Nashville.  It opened with much anticipation, has a very inventive menu, and is listed as one of the top five restaurants in the country.  Yes, I said country, not county! It's what I would call a special occasion establishment and not one you frequent more than maybe once or twice a year.  That being said, Etchy Hour (Happy Hour) is where's it's at!

Etch's bar is tiny!! I was hoping with their recent expansion they would have made a bigger bar but they didn't ask me.

The Etchy Hour menu is as tiny as the bar.

It's good to note at this point that it's better to play my little trick for a weekday game since Etchy Hour ends at 6:30.  For a Saturday game, it ends at 5:30 giving you a full hour to kill before the guys start warming up on the ice. That's almost enough time for me to get into trouble.

They took my two favorite drinks off the menu (like I said, they didn't ask me) so I went with The Model T, a fancy gin and tonic.

What drinks we order may change, but not the food.  Only chef Deb Paquette would get me to pay $8 for roasted cauliflower! I never come here without ordering it.

Another appetizer we can't get enough of is Octopus and Shrimp Bruschetta.  Amazeballs!

Game time!!!

Etch excels in complicated flavors so when you get to the game, you may want to dial it back a bit.

You can grab a fancy beer.

Or just do what I do and grab a plain old beer and class it up with a fetching koozie.

Look around and make sure you are in a prime megatron-appearing territory.

Across from camera man. Check!

Next to cute kid who loves to dance. Check!

Total times I've appeared on the megatron in 3 seasons - three!

Nashville has a never ending supply of recording artists that can belt out the national anthem.

And like I said

It's always good when we win!

Get well soon, Pekka!!

Go Preds!